• ASEM Village, Mongolia

    ASEM Village, Mongolia

ASEM Village, Mongolia 

Rolf Benz has fitted out the living areas of 53 newly built villas in Ulaanbaatar. The luxury homes with 360 and 500 m2 of living space are situated in a particularly peaceful district of the Mongolian capital with views of the beautiful mountain backdrop, close to a ski resort and golf course. The first inhabitants were particularly notable: the new buildings were used to house government delegations from the countries attending the Asia-Europe Summit (ASEM) in July 2016.

Rolf Benz Models: Sofas: Rolf Benz Grata*, freistil Rolf Benz 185**,  occasional tables Rolf Benz 974, 8770 - freistil 185, carpet Rolf Benz Cambio


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