• freistil 190

    freistil 190

freistil 190
Bild freistil 190


  • Size: 200 x 130 cm
  • Natural merino woolExtremely light and soft
  • Vintage-look fringes
  • Available in 4 colours: curry yellow, blue grey, cement green, silver grey

Merino wool comes from Merino sheep, which originally lived in the Atlas Mountains of northern Africa. The sheep were brought to Europe through Spain during
the High Middle Ages, and are among the oldest breeds of sheep in the world. Their coats are practically ideal: as the sheep originally come from warm, dry regions, the wool that they produce is much finer than that of the sheep native to our latitudes. Merino cools when the temperature is warm, and warms the wearer when it’s cold or damp. And even with its high thermal capacity, Merino is lightweight. It repels water and dirt, and it’s not scratchy. Finally, Merino has two advantages that don’t interest sheep in the least, but that we humans appreciate: it doesn’t wrinkle, and even if it’s not washed for a long time, it doesn’t develop unpleasant odours.

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