• Rolf Benz 515 ADDIT

    Rolf Benz 515 ADDIT

Rolf Benz 515 ADDIT
Bild Rolf Benz 515 ADDIT

Key Facts:

Product name:Rolf Benz ADDIT   
Designer:Studio Aisslinger

Product description:

  • Metal inner frame
  • Seat support in wood materials
  • Seat made of high-quality cold foam, built up in coordinated layers, covered with a mat consisting of 20 % viscose foam and 80 % microfibres and a non-woven polyester cover
  • Interactive pocket sprung core
  • Back with wooden frame inside
  • Back with padded strap spring system
  • Back made of polyurethane foam, built up in several layers and covered with a pad consisting of 100 % microfibres
  • Cast foot metal, optionally: Smooth aluminium, powder-coated, matt:
    • RAL 9017 Traffic black
    • RAL 7047 Telegrey 4
    • RAL 5003 Sapphire blue

The high-grade materials used are tested in accordance with DIN and RAL directives and subject to long-term testing. The foam materials used in our upholstered furniture are produced free of fluorochlorinated hydrocarbons.


Rolf Benz ADDIT is a modular sofa landscape in an iconic design that adapts to virtually every wish and every room situation – and which can also, when required, be expanded piece by piece. The graphically linear, floating appearance blends with any surroundings. The voluminous cushions make Rolf Benz ADDIT the ultimate feel-good experience.
Rolf Benz ADDIT is made up of individual upholstered elements that sit on a fine, leather-covered frame. The design communicates a playful, lightweight appearance yet has the elegance of a modern classic. As an individual sofa or in a combination of modular elements, it is ideal for all floor plans. Combined with shelving units and trays, with brackets and matching coffee tables and rugs, Rolf Benz ADDIT creates an unending number of possibilities. The striking frame, which supports the fine leather framework, can be designed with traffic black, telegrey 4 or sapphire blue surfaces. The optional trays are available in steel (also in traffic black, telegrey 4 or sapphire blue) or like the shelves in solid wood (oak, black oak or walnut). The brackets can be covered in all leathers from the collection.
The comfortable Rolf Benz ADDIT armchair with optional tray impresses both as an individual piece and as an ideal add-on to the sofa.

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