This Weber Design

The idea for the armchair came from the round form of a wooden wine barrel. Our aim was to design an iconic upholstered rotating armchair that was as small as possible whilst being ergonomically comfortable at the same time. Rolf Benz 562 works well as a standalone item or as a counterpoint to a sofa.

This Weber

  • Made in Germany
  • Optional rotating function
  • 4 leg finishes
  • Matching side tables
  • In suitable cover materials


The extensive CONTRACT cover collection has been ideally tailored to meet the needs of “sitting in public spaces”, with features such as flame-retardant fabrics, faux leathers and heavy-duty abrasion-resistant leather qualities.  Rolf Benz works with internationally reputed weavers and tanners. Here are fabrics, faux-leather and leather sample cards from the Rolf Benz and freistil contract collection.