With freistil 133, we’ve created a timeless sofa that ensures an upright seating position without appearing stiff. The contrast between its clear external appearance and especially soft internal comfort makes the sofa both classic and modern – a symbiosis of newly interpreted design and traditional craftsmanship.

Moritz Böttcher und Nikolaus Kayser

  • Made in Germany
  • Individual sofa and modular sofa
  • Upright sitting possible
  • Defined lines
  • In suitable cover materials
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The extensive CONTRACT cover collection has been ideally tailored to meet the needs of “sitting in public spaces”, with features such as flame-retardant fabrics, faux leathers and heavy-duty abrasion-resistant leather qualities. Rolf Benz works with internationally reputed weavers and tanners. Here are fabrics, faux-leather and leather sample cards from the Rolf Benz and freistil contract collection.